We appreciate our Clients and want to share their comments about John Burns Estate and Elder Care Law.  We strive to meet each family where they are in their journey.  We have found that every journey is different and we want to assure that we develop an elder centered plan that is specific to you and your goals.

“Because of your advice, my brother had an end of life experience that was the best anyone could have put together for him with the resources he had.  Because of your support and guidance my caregiving role was made easier, in the end, my mental health was intact and stronger than it would have been without you.”  Beth P.

“Mr. Burns’ expertise in Elder Law has been invaluable to our family. He guided us through the entire application for Medicaid with patience and knowledge.  Not only did he assist us with the Medicaid portion of the puzzle, he helped us with the dispositions of assets, including our mother’s home.  I highly recommend Mr. Burns to anyone that needs this type of assistance.  We could not have managed it without him.”      William O.

Thank you kindly for the information and resources Mrs Bragwell. We really appreciate you having the expertise & humbleness to help advise us thru this process. It Helps very much. The details, redtape can be overwhelming in stressful times as it is and we are thankful for your guidance with my Mother’s care.  Marilyn W.

“Thank you so much for all you have done for dad and me. There are no words to express how helpful and comforting you have been.”          Katie D.

“Thank you again for all the help you guys are providing. The peace of mind of you guys having my back is priceless.”   Demond L.

“Thank you again for your time and help. Though before now, I did not realize such elder care support was a resource, I definitely wish I had called a while ago. ”   Gordon M.

“Thank you for making us both feel better about the process ahead of us and in getting our mom situated going forward.”   The Taylor’s

“I am so grateful to the entire team for all of the hard work.  You people are awesome!  Linda H.

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